How Can I Know My Items Are Being Distributed in the Areas I Have Chosen?

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It’s our business to make sure people know of your business by receiving your publications, when and where you need them to go. We know and have learned that by providing a first class distribution service, customers will use us again in the future, and this has allowed us to grow and expand over the years to become one of the largest distribution companies in our area.


In areas we distribute, if requested by you the customer, we will provide you with any “missed addresses” we may encounter along the way due to non-entry into tenement blocks for example, or you can be provided with a name and address in each street we are distributing in. We also do our own “back checks” to make sure we are providing a quality service to you the customer. This involves random checks along the distribution routes by our team leaders, and where appropriate, a phone call to random households where we can to find out if your items were indeed distributed as expected. Our team leaders however are very experienced and as they are providing strategic support by re-supplying the distributors constantly throughout the distribution day it is easy for them to see if anything is likely to go wrong and can respond to this immediately.

With more than 30 years experience we have continuously demonstrated to our customers that we can and do provide a level of professionalism and quality required to run a distribution service of our size. We are confident we know exactly how to do distribution and with this, you can always rely on Johnson Distribution Services to meet your distribution needs efficiently.